15-61660 Kreuzwender Tremolo Sextet Harmonica



The Sextuple Kreuzwender, the world’s largest tremolo harmonica, comprises a set of six instruments in all the most popular keys (C/D/F/G/A/Bb), held together like a paddlewheel by six-pointed star shaped spindle grips at the ends, so the player can rotate the entire instrument to switch keys, while holding it in both hands. Whether you play in a harmonica ensemble or on your own, with this amazing HOHNER harmonica you can play all sorts of wonderful tunes. Great for all traditional folk music styles.




Six instruments in one
The unique construction allows you to switch between six different keys simply by turning the wheel and rotating to the desired key to play.



Adaptable construction
Individual harmonicas attached with screws so their order can be adjusted to suit your playing requirements



Reed plates (material, thickness):brass, 0.9 mm
Reed plates (surface):brass
Reeds (number, material):6 x 48
Comb (material, color):maplewood, brown
Comb (finish):double lacquered
Mouthpiece (surface):maplewood
Cover plates:stainless steel
Number of holes:6 x 48
Tonal range *:3.5 octaves
Length:27 cm / 10.6″
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