Place An Order

You can place an order with us by using the following online form, by calling us on (02) 9636 7111, by faxing us on (02) 9636 1545 or by emailing us at

NB: We assume that you are ordering the unit quantity described in the price list: for most items, this is “each” or a single unit, but many smaller items come in a box or set and cannot be sold singly. Please indicate what you need in the “unit” column, especially for single strings and similar items. Please also refer to our general ordering terms and conditions below this form.

  • All items ordered will be supplied as soon as possible, and will automatically go to back-order if not in stock at the time of ordering.
  • You will be invoiced at the time of dispatch (your price = RRP – trade discount + GST + freight and insurance).
  • Please let us know if you wish to use your own insurance or freight company, or if you do not wish us to hold back-orders for your business in our system.
  • Some items are available on special order only. We advise you to get a deposit for such items from your customer at the time of ordering, as all special orders are considered firm and may not be cancelled.
  • If any goods are damaged in transit and you have requested us to insure the shipment, please notify us immediately.
  • If you have your own carrier or your own insurance, please contact your nominated companies directly.