New! Ozzy Osbourne Signature Harp


HOHNER has created the hardest rocking harmonica in the world in close cooperation with one of the greatest metal frontmen, singers and songwriters of all time – Ozzy Osbourne.


  • MS-Series harmonica with black comb and black covers with golden Ozzy Osbourne Logo
  • Unique coffin-shaped metal box
  • Key of C
  • Made in Germany
  • Including access code for 30 days of free online harmonica lessons by
  • 50 Golden Tickets (world-wide) will be randomly hidden in Ozzy Osbourne Harmonicas
  • The finder of each ticket will receive a limited, special edition harmonica, played and signed by Ozzy Osbourne
  • Availability: March 2017
  • Order number: 15-M666
  • RRP $99

Available now, ask at your local quality music retailer, and say KJ Music sent you! 🙂

Reviewed by Phil Sheppard, host of 3MDR’s “Harmonica Riff Raff” show:

“Hohner has produced the harmonica collectors Holy Grail. Or perhaps not so holy as it’s Ozzy Osbourne’s (of Black Sabbath) signature harmonica.
The harp is magnificently presented in a black metal coffin with raised gold motifs.
Although Ozzy is not a renowned harp player, it has been his instrument of choice since being inspired by the Beatles as a fourteen year old. On Black Sabbath’s first single “Paranoid”, the ‘B’ side features Ozzy wailing on ‘The Wizard’.
It’s a serious Hohner harmonica that can be played in its own right, but its real value is in its collectability.”

See the Ozzy Harmonica in our online catalogue