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Ortega Guitars – Now Available!

KJ Music is proud to announce our latest new product line – Ortega Guitars.

Comprising of a team of eight highly qualified service people, Ortega Guitars is a German company proudly offering the kind of quality, workmanship and consistency that has made Germany one of the leading musical instrument making countries in the world.

All Ortega guitars must pass a two-stage quality check before leaving the factory. This QC check includes playing each guitar and listening to the tonal quality, in addition to gauging the shape and colour of each instrument.

This additional service, and every single minute it takes, is worth it for Ortega. As their partners, we can be 100% sure that only 100% perfect instruments are sent to us, for distribution to our valued retail network.

We’re excited to announce that Ortega Guitars also recently won Best In Show at Summer Namm 2017. We know you’re going to be impressed with the quality, workmanship and price point of this fantastic new range. Talk to us about seeing a range of demo instruments in-store soon and visit Ortega’s website for more info.

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