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New Denis Wick Mouthpieces

Announcing The new Ultra Mouthpieces

KJ Music is excited to announce the release of a range of new Ultra mouthpieces from master manufacturer Denis Wick. The new selection features a matching trumpet and cornet mouthpiece, in addition to a new range of artist designed tuba mouthpieces.

The powerful symphonic trumpet mouthpiece is based on classic Mount Vernon models, and the cornet mouthpiece is designed to produce a sound which is ideal for orchestral cornet parts: powerful, clear and with plenty of projection, but without losing the traditional cornet tone quality. These mouthpieces are made with great precision with rims that match exactly, allowing players to change effortlessly between trumpet and cornet.

Ultra 3C CornetUtra cornetThe trumpet and cornet mouthpieces will be available in the following sizes; 7C, 5C, 3C 1½c, 1½CH and 1¼C.







The new Aaron Tindall Ultra Tuba Mouthpieces

A superb new range of tuba mouthpieces that is rocking the tuba world! Designed by Aaron Tindall in consultation with Warren Deck, these mouthpieces come in a range of eight models, from the deepest orchestral size to the most brilliant-sounding soloist model. They all have the same cup diameter (32.8mm), so switching between different models is never a problem.

“The performer will immediately notice an increased sense of improved articulation, intonation, greater endurance, and significantly enhanced power in both the high and low registers. Along with these comes an ease of playing accompanied by a richer, broader, truer sound that we believe is currently unmatched by many of the other competitors in today’s market.” Aaron Tindall

The rim is designed by Warren Deck and has an ideal shape for comfort, endurance and grip.

“We are thrilled to be working with Aaron! He is great player with a really strong concept of tuba tone, and his new range of mouthpieces has very distinct characteristics which make them really stand out from the competition. His range of designs covers every style and sound that the modern tuba player will need. We used original mouthpipes and receivers from Meinl-Weston to ensure that the fit of the mouthpiece is EXACTLY right. This is vital in order get 100% from these the modern German tubas, and this improved response is very noticeable. The new Ultras set a new standard for tuba mouthpieces!” Stephen Wick, CEO of Denis Wick Products

AT2U_newAT3U_GoldThe new tuba mouthpieces are numbered from AT1U (for the deepest CC tuba model) to AT8U (for the shallowest F tuba size) and are available in silver or gold plate.

All new mouthpieces are available for pre-order by KJ Music retailers and are expected to arrive in stock shortly.



Downloadable product info PDF files below.

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