Harmonica Masters Workshops

Trossingen,  November 4th – 8th 2015

The Harmonica Masters Workshops have been taking place in Trossingen since 2003. Initiated by musical director Steve Baker, with world-class instructors and a full supporting program of sessions and concerts, they are now regarded as the leading educational event for blues harmonica in Europe.

Students at this truly international gathering make up a remarkable cross-section of European harmonica afficionados, plus visitors from both North and South America, the Far East and even Australia. As well as offering a great learning experience, the Harmonica Masters Workshops also provide the opportunity to get to know fellow hamonica enthusiasts from many different countries, to meet old friends and make new ones. We look forward to welcoming you to Trossingen for the Harmonica Masters Workshops 2015!

The success of the Harmonica Masters Workshops revolves around the combination of a world class team of instructors, a unique location and a compelling concept. In addition to Master Workshops for diatonic blues harmonica with Steve Baker, Joe Filisko and David Barrett, it offers courses for intermediate and beginning players on diatonic harp.


Master Workshop 1
Steve Baker
Finding Your Own Voice on the Diatonic Harp


Master Workshop 2
Joe Filisko
Traditional Blues Harmonica Styles


Master Workshop 3
David Barrett
How Different Positions are used in Traditional Post War Chicago Blues

On the top there’re special one day workshops with well-known guest instructors and a class for acoustic blues guitar with Eric Noden.

In the evenings, open sessions with professional accompaniment, plus a great concert program, ensure a healthy balance between study and fun.



Master Workshop 4 – Marko Jovanovic
The Building Blocks of Advanced Harmonica Playing

Master Workshop 5 – Eric Noden
Acoustic Blues Guitar Styles

Master Workshop 6 – Riedel Diegel
Bluesharp Basics

Master Workshop 7 – Martin Röttger
The Original Beatbox

For more information please visit: www.harmonica-masters.de