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KJ Music Wholesale Music Instruments with CEO & Managing Director Jac Smits

From Jazz to Rock, Find Your Rhythm with Wholesale Musical Instruments

Musical lovers and retailers delight in the expertise and sourcing of KJ Music for wholesale music instruments and repair services.

Founded in 1938, KJ Music is a 100% Australian-owned family business based in Prospect, New South Wales. We’re the longest-serving wholesale supplier to Australia’s large network of musical instrument retailers.

For over 80 years, we’ve helped musicians, maestros, and music lovers spread joy with high-quality musical instruments.

Explore our diverse musical collection

Specialising in brass and woodwind, acoustic instruments and a massive range of accessories, there’s much to discover at KJ Music Australia.

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Timeless: Höfner Basses

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Wholesale instrument and general enquiries welcome

If you’re a musician, running an event, operating a musical studio, or needing help with a musical instrument, we welcome general enquiries.

You’re welcome to get in contact with us. For specific items, you may also find a local dealer.