TJ Artist Receives PhD

KJ Music- 141 - Version 2Congratulations to Trevor James Artist Chai Chang-Ning upon being awarded his PhD from Sydney Conservatorium of Music and also being made Honorary Associate of the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, The Universiy of Sydney in recognition of his many achievements throughout his career.

The double honours come after Dr Chai has presented a number of concerts and recitals both in Sydney and Internationally over the last two years, as well as composing and performing music for a number of other projects, including the score for the film Mao’s Last Dancer and performances with the band Sirocco. Dr Chai has also appeared on the soundtracks for the films The Last Emporer, Children of the Dragon, and The Road to Xanadu.

The Trevor James Chai flute model, TJ-6TCR3S-HROEC#9LR, features Solid Silver head, body and foot, B-foot, Open holes (ring keys), offset G, pointed key arms, split KJ Music- 181 - Version 2E mechanism, C# trill key, and 9-carat gold lip-plate and riser, with a Recommended Retail Price of $8,995.00.  Click here to view the Chai flute