Hohner Accordions – Two New Models In The Range For 2019

Hohner has announced the release of two new accordions to their range.

The HOHNER MATTIA accordions are a new premium line of piano and button chromatic accordions for professionals, advanced players and students studying at universities and conservatories. Available in 120 bass and 96 bass size for piano accordion; and 120 bass, B-system or C-system chromatic button accordion, these high end accordions will be made in Hohner’s new Italian accordion factory, combining Italian and German craftsmanship and know-how. The MATTIA range of accordions will all have Cassotto reed chambers for superior sound and tonal qualities.

At the other end of the spectrum, Hohner has designed a new accordion for children, called the HOHNER XS accordion. It’s designed for young children to be able to play with considerations of weight, design and playability all factored in to enable young people to enjoy and begin a journey into music with a real musical instrument that is not simply a toy. The HOHNER XS ACCORDION is suitable for children aged 4-7 years of age.