Rental Plan

KJ Music is pleased to offer our retail partners a quality rental plan, providing instruments for rental to your customers, at a low monthly rate. Some benefits of the KJ Music Rental Plan are as follows:

1. The customer always remains with the retailer, earning your shop a commission for the duration of the rental, with a strong possibility of it turning into a sale.

2. You don’t have to add an instrument to your inventory.

3. You don’t even need to collect the rental money each month (we take care of that). You also add to your income stream by selling any consumables and accessories (e.g. reeds, oils, mouthpieces, etc) to the customer as required.

All you have to do is collect the required information from the customer and fill in the rental application form. Please complete all the fields with red borders. Then print, have the customer sign, witness and fax to us. This form must be signed and witnessed. Please note that if filling in the form electronically, you do not need to fill in the sections labeled “Retail/Replacement Price” or “Monthly Hire Rate”. These are automatically part of the “Instrument” field when you select from the options. For the section called “Serial number”, we will fill this in when we dispatch the instrument. You should then notify the customer of the serial number when they are picking up the instrument from you.

For the instruments available and rates, click here.

For a printable page of the Terms and Conditions of the Rental Agreement, click here.

Apart from the initial three month minimum, the rental is open-ended: that is, there is no fixed period of time. The customer may continue to rent for as long as they wish.

The customer may also opt to purchase the instrument at any time during the rental – simply contact us and we will calculate the outstanding amount due after deducting a proportion of the rental monies already paid from the RRP of the item. Please see the Terms and Conditons section of the rental application form.

At the completion of a rental where the customer has not chosen to purchase the instrument, simply fill in the Rental Return Form and fax it to us when the customer returns the instrument to your shop. We will arrange for collection of the instrument by our sales rep or courier.