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Using Our Website

Using Our Website

Our website uses an eCommerce solution with the shopping cart functionality switched off, so it’s really simple to drill down and find the exact product you’re looking for.

We thought we’d share some tips and a brief walkthrough to get you going.

Step 1:

Hover over “Products” in the top, main menu.

In this example, we’re looking for price and information on trumpets, so we’re selecting “Orchestral, Woodwind & Brass” from the drop down menu.


Step 2:

Now you’ll land on the first screen for ALL Orchestral, Woodwind & Brass products, with filters down the right hand side.

So if we’re looking for trumpets in this example, you would click on “Brass” in the first filter titled “Product Categories”.


Step 3:

Now you’ve landed on the page for ALL brass products.

Look again at the right hand side, where you now have access to specific brass instrument filters.

For this example looking for student trumpets, we’re clicking on “Trumpet” in the top right list of “Product Categories”


Step 4:

Now you’ve landed on the page with ALL trumpet models. From here you can drill down further into specific brands.



In addition, you can search instruments by their key (all our trumpets are pitched in Bb, so that’s the only option in this example).

You can also use the price range slider to narrow down even further.

And finally there’s also a “Sort By” option where you can toggle by ascending or descending price, alphabetical listings and so on.

Step 5:

For this example we’ve selected Trevor James as the brand, which presents you with all Trevor James trumpets, from low price to high price.

You can see all product specs on this front end, and by clicking on the red product title, drill further down into the product for a detailed description and photo gallery (see below second image)


Product title arrow


Product arrow #2

You’ll also find that products you’ve recently drilled down to will show in the right hand column under “Recently Viewed Products”.

You can also use the general search bar, but keep in mind that searching is based on the product title. If you use a term such as “trumpets” in the search bar, you’re unlikely to get any results, as our product descriptions generally use the singular instrument term.

For example, “Trevor James TR4500 Trumpet”. It’s best to use the general search bar if you already know part of the code. Remember that if the code has a “-” and you don’t include that in the right place, the search will fail as well.

So, as a rule, it’s best to use our filters from a top-down perspective. By doing this you should be able to find anything you need quickly and easily.

And of course, we always love to hear from you so don’t hesitate to call if you can’t find what you’re looking for!



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