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Trevor James Flutes

Dr Chai Chang Ning

Dr Chai Chang Ning is one of the most acclaimed Chinese flautists of his generation. His signature model flute is the Trevor James TJ-6TCR3S-HROEC#9LR which was built to Chai's personal specifications.

"The Chai Signature Flute is incredibly robust, reliable and versatile. The sounds produced are most musical and attractive. I proudly use and recommend the Trevor James Chai Signature flute. I also recommend Trevor James flutes to all of my students."

Chai graduated from the Central Conservatorium of Music in Beijing, China, where he also lectured until 1988. Chai was awarded First Prize at the prestigious 4th Annual Guan Dong Music Festival, and in 1984 was guest soloist of the “Great Tang Dynasty Music and Dance Orchestra” which performed at the ninth Asian Festival in Hong Kong.

He has been associated with the sound-tracks of several acclaimed movies including “The Last Emperor”, “Children of the Dragon” and “The Road to Xanadu”.

Chai migrated to Australia in 1988. In the year of his arrival he gave a lecture-recital for the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. Then in 1989 and 1991 two presentations and a recital as a guest lecturer for the Music Department of Sydney University. He was also engaged by the Woodwind Department of the Victorian College of the Arts and Pan Pacific Music Camp at Collaroy. He has regularly toured Australia and Asia as featured guest soloist with the respected Australian Ensemble, Sirocco.

Chai is greatly admired not only as an ensemble musician but also as a solo performer; playing extensively in Australia as a soloist and with many other acclaimed musicians, including legendary Trumpet player James Morrison and Celebrated Australian pianist Michael Kierin Harvey. In Sydney Chai directs “Chai’s Music Ensemble” in performances of traditional Chinese music and also he is a Chairman and artistic director of “Middle Kingdom Festival” in Sydney.

In Australia Chai has studied modern concert flute with Michael Scott, Mardi McSullea, and Dr Alexa Still. In 2006 he completed a Master of Music degree at Australian Catholic University under the supervision of Dr Dianne Gome. In 2014 at Sydney Conservatorium of the University of Sydney he completed the research and performance degree Doctor of Musical Arts under the supervision of Professors Keith Howard, Alexa Still, Jonathan Stock and Anna Reid.

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